Born in 24th March 1874, as the third son of Choemon Kitagawa in Sakata district in Shiga prefecture. Kikuzo has worked in silk thread business after working in Sumitomo filature. On that time Japanese government launched 10 years project to boost silk export. Kikuzo followed the governor of Chiba prefecture, moved to Tsurusaki area in Oita prefecture.



In 1919, Kizuzo established Tsurusaki filature company with the capital of 2 million yen.

Japan had suffered from economic blockade, it forced Kikuzo to stop operation several times. Struggling in difficult era, Kikuzo had donated his property for local temple, shrine, school.


His name is recorded in the official history of Oita prefecture that he had donated main building and stone lantern for Hoshin-ji temple, stone lantern and gate for Trusugi Hachiman shrine, organ for Tsurusaki primary school, sewing machine for Tsurusaki woman high school of home economics.


【Kitagawa-Shouten was established in May 1905】

Kikuzo Kitagawa started selling tea as well as silk, grocery, interior goods.

■Especially he made unique effort in advertising that was called “hikifuda

(attracting paper)”.
■He had sold in Uji tea produced in Kyoto.

■In this era silk was the most popular export product in Japan. Japanese green tea came to the second. Both products were regarded as national products. Kikuzo moved to Tsurusaki to boost silk production, however economic blockade prevented his effort.


■Some silk companies gathered in Tsurusaki area. We can see some stone lantern and gate that his name is carved.

【In 1945 shop name has been changed in Kitagawa Seiko-en】
After World WarⅡ, the second owner Shizuka Kitagawa had concentrated on tea business.



■Kitagawa-en shop in the early Showa period
Shizuka delivered tea box on the scooter motorbike.
Right: Kitagawa-en in 2016

【In 1965, Kitagawa-en Co., Ltd was established

The third owner Tetsuaki Kitagawa changed shop name in Kitagawa-en.

He registered shop as company with the capital of 600,000 yen.


<Shizuka and first daughter>

Kitagawa-en in 1955. Left: Branch, Right: Main shop

 Tea was stored in the box. When customer came to shop, he packed tea in paper bag with tying by paper thread.


■In the 88th night (Hachiju hachiya), we have served new tea since Kitagawa-en started.


In 1995 4th Owner Takuro succeeded Kitagawa-en

After tea training in Hiroshima, 4th Owner Takuro has come back to Oita, succeeded Kitagawa-en as the managing director.